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    跳鼠科 [脊椎] Dipodidae ; jerboa ; Dipodoidea 大五趾跳鼠 Great Jerboa ; Allactaga major 巨泡五趾跳鼠 Gobi Jerboa ; Allactaga bullata 更多网络短语新汉英大辞典

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    输入关键字进行搜索 搜索: 发起问题 发现 话题 用户 注册 登录 hdu 2437 Jerboas (筑图+bfs+取余判重) c_a_1(); www.MyException.Cn 发布于:2013-09-07 14:12:44 浏览:2次 c_

  • Jerboas 解法正确的实现-编程语言-CSDN问答

    Jerboas are small desert-living animals, which resemble mice with a long tufted tail and very long hind legs. Jerboas shelter in well-hidden burrows

  • Overwinter body temperature patterns in captive jerboa

    overwinter body temperature patterns in captive jerboas ( jaculus orientali s): influence of sex and group 前往爱学术app体验更佳~ overwinter body temperature patt

  • Jerboas - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    Muridae's 730 species, subdivided into five subfamilies, along with Cricetidae's 679 species, subdivided into six subfamilies, includes rats, mice, squirrels, gui

  • jerboas - Jerboa | rodent | Britannica

    Jerboa, any of 33 species of long-tailed leaping rodents well adapted to the deserts and steppes of eastern Europe, Asia, and northern Africa. Jerboas are mouselike, with bodies rang

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    Time Limit: 5000/1000 MS (Java/Others)    Memory Limit: 32768/32768 K (Java/Others)Total Submission(s): 847    Accepted Submission(s): 206 Pro

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    文章摘要信息 关键词 : 跳鼠科跳鼠 等位酶 电泳 突尼斯 [gap=1736]Keywords : Dipodidae Jerboas Allozyme Electrophoresis Tunisia 基于21个网页-相关网页 短语 s jerboas

  • 跳鼠,Jerboas,音标,读音,翻译,英文例句,英语词典

    1) Jerboas [英][dʒə:'bəuə] [美][dʒɚ'boə] 跳鼠例句>> 2) Allactaga sibirica 五趾跳鼠 1. The Influence of Different Grazing Systems on the Diet Habit of Alla

  • Jerboas | Definition of Jerboas by Merriam-Webster

    Jerboa definition is - any of several social nocturnal jumping rodents (family Dipodidae) of arid parts of Asia and northern Africa having a long tail and long hind legs.

  • long-eared jerboas look like mice .的问句? - 百度知道

    Do long-eared jerboas look like mice?

  • M. Goodall » South Gobi Jerboas » Hattrick

    查看更多信息 别再显示此信息 8 676 人在线, 赛季周: 8 获取一支球队 相关Hattrick Hattrick 世界 论坛 South Gobi Jerboas » M. Goodall 此游戏中的球员和其名字全属虚构,

  • ACM-DFS之Jerboas——hdu2437 相关文章 - 程序园

    Jerboas 题目: Problem Description Jerboas are small desert-living animals, which resemble mice with a

  • Jerboas - 豆丁网

    Jerboas shelter well-hiddenburrows. createtwo types burrow:temporary temporaryburrows plaintubes while permanentburrows keepheat out weknow, jerboa b

  • Size differences between sympatric species of jerboas

    size differences between sympatric species of jerboas (dipodidae, rodentia): once more about the limits of morpho-ecological similarity in natural communities jou

  • 《预订 Jerboas: Mammals of Russia and Adjacent Regions

    Provides description of the systematics and biology of forest mice and jerboas. This book describes morphological characteristics and includes keys for the identification of the fami

  • 湖南长沙线上英语培训机构价格,朋友推荐创业新模式!培训机

    4.Long-eared jerboas look like mice. 长耳朵的跳鼠长得像老鼠。 5.With their long ears, they also remind people of rabbits. 它们的长耳朵也使人们想起兔

  • 跳鼠简笔画

    跳鼠jerboa,Jerboas正在阿拉伯半岛,北非,亚洲和澳大利亚各地沙漠发现 。他们往往生活在炎热的沙漠环境中。 些物种被中亚的小猫头鹰(Athene noctua)捕食。大多数种类的跳鼠具有良好的听力,他们用来

  • 美洲跳鼠,Dipodomys ordii,音标,读音,翻译,英文例句,英语

    3) Jerboas [英][dʒə:'bəuə] [美][dʒɚ'boə] 跳鼠 例句>> 4) Americas [英][ə'merɪkəz] [美][ə'mɛrɪkəz] 美洲 1. Situ Meitang, A Banner of the Overseas Ch

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    1. What do long-eared jerboas remind people of? They remind people of rabbits. 2. What do kiwis do, like all birds? They lay eggs--big eggs. 3. What do long-nosed monkey



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